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There’s nothing wrong with a little mononucleosis January 4, 2008

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To think it was just recently that I was wondering when Guy Carbonneau and Bob Gainey would walk the plank after very mediocre play had infiltrated the Montreal Canadiens. Now though, the team’s flying, so I take back those terrible thoughts and will try to bring this up at confession if I ever go.

So now, it’s not the teams in front of Montreal to worry about, as there are is only one, Ottawa, in the ridiculously tight eastern conference. It’s those teams just behind that need to be looked after. Montreal is tied with New Jersey, but just one or two points behind are Pittsburgh, the Rangers, Boston, and Carolina, and other teams like the Islanders, Flyers, and Sabres are just behind them. Whew!

So being the gentleman I am, I am hoping for only minor injuries, some sicknesses, and just a little bad luck for these said teams. Mononucleosis is a good disease for some of the better players. A broken finger or two isn’t asking a lot. Contract disputes that make players unhappy is a good one. Fear of flying, ripped tendons, nervous breakdowns, itchy rashes, blisters, slapshot to the nuts, problems with the little lady.  And flu bugs are beauties because they can take a whole team out!

It’s all for the good of the Montreal Canadiens. Winning is everything. And after all, none of these things are life threatening.


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