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Sean Avery has horns and a pitchfork December 31, 2007

Filed under: Montreal Canadiens — Dennis @ 11:15 pm

I suppose getting eight out of twelve points on the big Habs road trip is good, but that loss last night to the Rangers hurt. After all, Montreal had come from behind, had the lead, played really well, and yet once again a goal was scored against them late in the game and then they lost in overtime. It’s like one of those nightmares where you’re driving your brand new Cadillac off the dealer’s lot and you get slammed and your new set of wheels is completely totalled. Or that beautiful chick you’ve been dating turns out to be a guy when you finally get her into bed.

It would’ve been so nice to win, especially against a team that has Sean Avery on it. Avery was voted most despised player in the league by his peers, and I really wish someone would jam a stick, several pucks, and a couple of jock straps down that grinning mouth of his.

Anyway, the Habs have 45 points after 39 games, which isn’t bad, but last year at this stage, they already had 51 points. And last year they didn’t make the playoffs. But last year they had David Aebisher playing goal from time to time.

Now I’ve got big faith in the boys, especially the way the Kostitsyn brothers, and the goalies, are playing. And I know I sound like a broken record but if fans at the Bell Centre don’t shut up with that horrible “Olay, Olay” song, the team won’t make the playoffs again. It pisses the other teams off because it sounds so smug. And it never works. This song must have been concocted by the devil, or possibly Sean Avery.


One Response to “Sean Avery has horns and a pitchfork”

  1. Rob Says:

    45 points ain’t bad however 48 points is better. Guy commented he was happy with the loss the other night. Say what? (Appears to be a case of poutine poisoning).

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