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Harold Ballard Will Be Rolling Over In His Grave December 29, 2007

Filed under: International Hockey — Dennis @ 9:29 pm

Few things are better for a Canadian hockey fan than the World Junior Championships. It’s a great tournament that is huge in our country, and Canadians are proud that their young players representing us are so good and so successful. After all, before today, Canada had won 20 straight games, and things were becoming almost, boring? But, as they say, all good things must come to an end, because those Swedes, in their yellow jerseys, beat our boys 4-3. Harold Ballard would hate this.

Of course, Harold Ballard, who was the bombastic owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1970’s and 80’s, hated a lot of things, but maybe most of all, he had no use whatsoever for European hockey players. He even disliked two of his own Leafs, Swedes Borje Salming, and Inge Hammarstrom. Ballard even came up with the famous quote about how a Swede could go into a corner with a bunch of eggs and come out with none broken. Because of Harold, Swedes were labelled as “Chicken Swedes” throughout the league. And now these Swedes beat Canada. Sometimes life can be so unfair.

However, on a more pleasant note, the master plan continues on track with the Habs clobbering Florida 5-1 last night. A real big test will be tomorrow night in New York against the Rangers. Those damn “Chicken Rangers.” They could go into a corner with a bunch of eggs and come out with none of them broken.


2 Responses to “Harold Ballard Will Be Rolling Over In His Grave”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    I happen to like the Swedes. Damn fine chocolate. Ikea too! And the Rangers are one of my favourite teams tomorrow.

  2. westcoast57 Says:

    I’m gonna have to come over there and Bertuzzi you.

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