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The Boys Win Big On Hockey Night In Canada December 16, 2007

Filed under: Montreal Canadiens — Dennis @ 2:47 am

Sometimes the blog has to be serious, like now, because the team, led by Saku Koivu, pummelled the Leafs on a classic Saturday night tilt, and this win was big, really big, in so many ways. Koivu has been a target of trade rumours lately because of mediocre play, and he scored the first two goals. The team’s been in a horrific slump. Carey Price almost had his first NHL shutout except for a weak goal scored with four minutes left. (Of course, Toronto scored only because those singing fools at the Bell Centre decided to sing that ridiculous song with ten minutes left.) And the Russian brothers, Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn played with great energy, racked up three points, and were a force to be reckoned with. This game made me very proud.

Speaking of the Kostitsyn brothers, some very creative guy wrote this on the official Habs forum, which I wish I would’ve thought of. “If the Kostitsyn brothers were put on a line with Mathieu Dandenault, they could call the line “a Dandy pair of Tits!”

One last thing before I eat some spaghetti and get ready to work a graveyard. My father, who has lived just north of Toronto for 87 years, phoned before the game and said he hoped Montreal would clobber the Leafs. The other day, my friend Mike, in Toronto, said “&$@% the Leafs,” and during tonight’s game, Tony B. in Powell River phoned and said what a great game and if the Habs blew it, he’d stop watching hockey. So my point is this: Just because you live near an NHL team, like my dad north of Toronto, and Mike in Toronto, and Tony near Vancouver, doesn’t mean you gotta cheer for the Leafs or the Canucks. How many times do I have repeat this, CANUCKS FANS?


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