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Sandy The Vancouver Canucks Girlie Who Never Agreed That Todd Bertuzzi Looked Like Frankenstein December 13, 2007

Filed under: Vancouver Canucks — Dennis @ 4:08 am

Every year Sandy and I have a bet on who will finish the season with the most points, Vancouver or Montreal. I won two years ago, and she squeaked in last year. I gave her a nice homemade trophy which didn’t bother me because I’m mature. So I have just one thing to say to you, Sandy. As soon as the Forum gods wake up, and as soon as the trade is made for Vincent Lacavalier, and as soon as Guy Carbooneau gets fired, and as soon as Michael Ryder, Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev and four or five others get traded, and as soon as the Habs hire me as their hockey writer, and as soon as I win the lottery, and as soon as Pamela Anderson comes to my door to borrow a cup of sugar, then you’ll be begging for tips on becoming a good, solid Montreal Canadiens fan.

But until then, I’m worried.


3 Responses to “Sandy The Vancouver Canucks Girlie Who Never Agreed That Todd Bertuzzi Looked Like Frankenstein”

  1. sandy Says:

    There is alot of…. as soon as……… the meantime my team will continue to strive forward and upward….wait a minute…aren’t they at the top, yes I think they are. Also you forgot to mention that I’ve won twice to your one time….losing to a girl god thats got to be humiliating, ps don’t hold your beathe about Pamela, she’s not coming and aren’t you already going to fleet house, how are you gonna start managing your team….plus the dancing ….god you need alot of practise there

  2. Bob Says:

    Why don’t we all put away the sour grapes and let us see if we can agree on anew n.h.l. points system. Shootout was brought in to attract people into south eastern division stadiums. O. K. keep it it might work but any regulation time win should be woth three points. Reward attacking teams. Edmonton has become a joke. I hear that their new stadium will have a half sheet of ice. Shootout will commence at the beginning of the first period.

  3. westcoast57 Says:

    Finally, a voice of reason. Bob makes great points about the three point system, and shootouts. Originally, I didn’t like shootouts at all, but more and more, they’ve become great fun. The three points for a win makes all the sense in the world. Like Bob says, “reward attacking teams.”

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