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Lawrence, That Rotten Low-Down Young Whippersnapper December 8, 2007

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My friend Lawrence, who’s also a fellow inmate (figuratively speaking) tells me the Habs suck, every time he sees me. May Lawrence taste the fires of Hell for all time, squirming and screaming as his skin shrivels, and praying that if he had one more chance, he’d tell me every time he saw me that the Montreal Canadiens are great, that they surely don’t suck and he’s really sorry and how could he have been more wrong.

If he got one last chance, he’d promise that tomorrow, Saturday, he’ll get down on his knees and pray that the boys put together two wins in a row when they play Carolina Sat. night.

Thanks Lawrence. We’ll see about that second chance.


3 Responses to “Lawrence, That Rotten Low-Down Young Whippersnapper”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    I would cheer for the Habs, but it turns out Carolina is my favourite team. Haven’t I mentioned that before?

    “Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”
    Mark Twain

  2. danny Says:

    i feel sorry for lawrence cause he dont know what a stanley cup feel like,that feeling when the team you like take that so sought after stanley cup,well maybe one day his team will have triplets or quintuplets to form a full line of fine hockey players,lawrence a team need more than a good goalie,also i think your team need more than twins,

  3. Mike Williamson Says:

    Why don`t you just push Lawrence overboard,he may just find the the Canucks “Fan Club!!”.
    Mike”Canadiens Forever”Williamson

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