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Better Start Making Plans For The Parade Again December 7, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dennis @ 6:15 pm

The team won a game last night. Seriously. Hasn’t happened often lately, but they beat Boston, so it gives all fans of the team a day off from misery and suicide thoughts. In the “glass is half full, not half empty” category, maybe the boys can put together a real lick-splitten bunch of wins and get back up to the penthouse where they had a room for a few weeks before they fell over the edge and ended up in a big garbage dumpster. Last year at this time, their record was 16-8-4 for 36 points. This year after the same amount of games it’s 14-10-4 for 32 points. It’s not great but just about every team in the east has about 32 points, it seems. Pretty soon, though, some teams are going to start putting some distance from the others and one of those teams better be the Habs or I’m going to have to resort to mentioning SEX, POSH, DAVID BECKHAM, BRITNEY, PARIS, and LINDSAY again to keep this blog from becoming the Diary of a Madman.


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