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The Thing Growing From My Deck November 30, 2007

Filed under: Montreal Canadiens — Dennis @ 6:18 am

100_17282.jpgSome kind of other-worldly park bench is growing from my deck. Dogs and cats run away shrieking. It’s making me nervous. It just sits there, quiet, not moving, almost like it’s ready to strike at any moment. It has a number 9 on the back. What could that mean? Why is it here? What does it want? Will it hurt those dogs and cats? Stay tuned.


One Response to “The Thing Growing From My Deck”

  1. Mike"The Head"Williamson Says:

    Well Dennis I`m still alive & just as ever a Habs fan!
    By the way are there really other teams in the NHL? I see you have a bench growing on your porch but alass I have my seat I sat in on the 3rd. last home game at the shrine.The seat has the row# section# &seat# along with my name on it,so take that!Les Canadien sont la.

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