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Lawrence Gets His Eyes Opened November 29, 2007

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Lawrence says that today’s NHL players are way better than the players of say, the 1950’s and ’60’s. You know, he just might have something there. When I think about, why of course, Andrew Alberts, Clarke MacArthur, Derrick Walser, Tanner Glass, and Hal Gill are far superior to Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, The Rocket, Doug Harvey, and Bobby Hull. What was I thinking?

By the way, I sort of know of what he’s saying. But it’s only because of certain factors. Those metal sticks give the modern boys pretty hard shots. The skates are probably designed by a team of NASA scientists. Goalie pads block entire freeways, and these guys are bigger because scouts and management are prejudice against the smaller guy unless they’re really good like the way I was. But strip away all this modern-day stuff and take the basic guy who doesn’t even know what an outdoor rink looks like, let alone played on one, or stickhandled, which is a lost art, on a cleared off portion of a frozen lake, and he comes down several notches. And if you go back even further than the 1950’s to the 1920’s, guys like Howie Morenz, Cyclone Taylor, and Aurel Joliet had blazing speed and would zip by most of these guys now with no problem whatsoever. And heck, these guys aren’t even alive anymore! That’s how fast they are! Here’s the bottom line to the Lawrence’s of the world. You’re born with it, whether it’s then or now. Orr would still be the best now, as would Richard and Howe. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


2 Responses to “Lawrence Gets His Eyes Opened”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    You’ve neglected to mention some key factors why the modern athlete has many advantages over their historical brethren: modern training methods, nutrition, the year-round athlete vs. using training camp to get in shape, and a larger population pool to draw from. Not to mention a wide-world pool of players. Also, you can’t discount all the $$ going around. Pretty strong motivation now to keep in tip top shape…..

  2. Dennis Says:

    Good points but money doesn’t make a player better. No way. No way, Jose.

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