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When Things Get Going November 15, 2007

Filed under: Montreal Canadiens — Dennis @ 5:10 pm

Last year at this time, after 17 games, Montreal’s record was a blistering 10-4-3. And not only that, they went on to win the next five out of six games. I was worried management might neglect to plan the Stanley Cup parade down Ste. Catherines past the old Forum. They carried on into December and by late in the month, their record was a quite lovely 22-9-5. Fans at the Bell Centre were singing that nauseous song far too often.  After that, though, with the help of three separate six game losing steaks, they ended up not making the playoffs.This year, after 17 games, lo and behold, the team is 10-4-3, exactly the same as last year. Fans are singing that obnoxious song again. But will they fall apart again? Nope. Because instead of David Aebisher in goal, there is Carey Price. As young as he is, he’s going to lead this team to the promised land. (The Forum ghosts, who I talk to, told me this.) And when this happens, the sky will open, the sun will shine, and Montreal fans who have stuck with the mediocrity for so long will wake from their slumber and smile, and Daniel  Briere will kick himself in the nuts and have nightmares for the rest of his life.


3 Responses to “When Things Get Going”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    When the ghosts talk to you, do you talk back?

    I think the Habs fast start might be a mirage to entice the faithful into believing they will live up to past glory. Those days are gone. Parity is here to stay.

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Tony (My dad) says: Daniel Briere doesn’t have any balls. That’s why the Habs wouldn’t take him.

  3. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis;I was in Orillia today working on 2 elevators on Barrie road ,just down the way from Elmer Av. Stopped in but did not want to disturb your Dad,but to my amazement he had a pool in the back yard with miniature Orca circling & diving down.On a closer examination I could see a Canucks fan club which were the daily special ! On further observation I also saw a jogger in spandex being devoured, I can only guess it must have been Lawerance Oh Well !
    Les Canadiens toujours

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